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We digitise your contracts into easy to use forms. Close more deals, sign contracts digitally and save time. All while delivering a world class user experience for your customers.
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We do the work for you

Give us a contract and we digitise it. We work out the logic for information gathering and contract generation so you don’t have to.

Great user experience

We transform the generation of any contract into a process of answering a few simple questions. What used to take hours, now takes minutes.

Digital signature included

Once the digital contract is generated, we guide you to a digital signature tool. There is no need for additional integrations or costs.

“Providing a delightful and seamless digital experience for our buyers has been key to our business, but easing the administrative burden on our team has probably been the biggest win. No more back and forth via email. We now have a signed agreement within minutes of a deposit being paid.”
Carl Smit
Group Technology Manager
Balwin Properties

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Who is Platofy for?


Automate your lease, sales and handover agreements.


Provide rapid turnaround for loan applications and reduce the time required for each customer.


Create smooth client onboarding and upsell like a pro.


Gather data digitally and create first drafts fast.


Rapidly onboard customers and digitally integrate your contracts.


Any business looking to improve processes will benefit from removing legal roadblocks.

Used by Balwin Properties

Africa's largest residential property developer.

The challenge: 
Balwin Properties wanted to provide a fully digital experience to buyers.

The solution: 
Platofy provided a platform for generating and signing development specific sale agreements.

Agreements generated and signed
Over 2000
Hours saved each month
Over 200 hours

How it works

Easy as 1, 2, 3


Give us your contracts

Provide the contracts you want automated and we do the rest.


We digitise them

We analyse your contracts and build out logic flows that translate into easy to use online forms. The generation of the contract is based on user input and is dynamically generated.


Go live

Within 2 weeks your contract will be ready. You can use a link or we can help with integration into an existing workflow.

Get started today

Book a session and we can get your contracts digitised 2 weeks.
PLUS you get a 2 month money back guarentee.


Book a session and we can get your contracts digitised 5 days
PLUS you get a 2 month money back guarantee
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